Australian Immigration Legal Advice

Are you an Australian employer unable to fill a position with an Australian worker?

Are you a professional or qualified tradesperson wanting to migrate to Australia?

Do you want to sponsor a family member for permanent residency?

Have you already received an unfavourable decision to a visa application?

 Whatever your goal, Australian immigration law is complex and changes frequently. Visa applications are determined by the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC) under detailed legislation. It’s a complex system. Fortunately, the Government has promised to simplify the existing visa regime by 2015. But the proposed changes will lead to further uncertainty and transition issues as the changes are introduced.

Given these current and future complexities, professional advice will give you the best opportunity to get your visa as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The firms main area of practice is the Temporary Business (long Stay) Visa Subclass 457 (the name for what is commonly known as a 457 Visa), Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186) and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Subclass 187).  These visa classes arefor employers looking to sponsor skilled workers for permanent residency.

Mackey Lawyers focuses on providing advice and representation to corporations, organisations and professionals to achieve immigration solutions.

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