Administrative Law Services

If you have received an adverse decision, we can advise you about your options. These include seeking a review of the unfavourable decision, sometimes within the same Government department or to an external tribunal. We commonly provide this assistance in a number of areas including, Immigration, firearms licensing, Freedom of Information requests, Working With Children Checks, Child Support decisions and disability funding under the Federal National Disability Insurance Scheme. In a few cases, you may be able to seek judicial review of the Government decision before a Court.

We may also be able to assist you proactively. In some cases we can assist you to make the initial application to Government to increase the likelihood of receiving a favourable decision. We commonly provide this assistance in Immigration, Citizenship and Freedom of Information matters.

Sometimes, we can assist you after you have made an application, but before a decision is made. In some cases, a decision maker will contact you seeking information as the decision maker is considering making an adverse decision. We can assist you to respond to the decision maker. We commonly provide this assistance in Immigration and firearms licensing matters.

While we deal with a wide range of administrative law matters, many of our clients seek our assistance with visa, sponsorship and citizenship applications to the Federal Department of Immigration and Border Protection. More information about visa and citizenship decisions can be found at the Australian Immigration tab