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Emma Mackey to present at Legalwise Seminar 5 March 2014


Emma Mackey will be presenting on an immigration law panel at a Legalwise Seminar in Melbourne on 5 March 2014.  Click here for details.

457 Visa Application Fee Rises Again


Further to our post of 5 June 2013, the 457 visa application fee rose again on 1 September 2013 to $1.035.  This change comes only eight weeks after the visa fee rose from $455 to $900 on 1 July 2013.

A step by step guide to 457 visas and illegal workers


Accessing the global labour market when skills shortages exist in Australia is a privilege that requires forward planning by employers and comes with sponsorship obligations. The 457 visa program is the mechanism employers must use to employ non-Australian workers.

What’s In a Name?


The Department of Immigration & Citizenship has changed its name and is now known as the Department of Immigration & Border Protection or DIPB. The website details are unchanged at

Threshold Changes - TSMIT


The Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) which applies in the 457 visa program was indexed on 1 July 2013 and rose to $53,900.

Emma Mackey writes for Chartered Secretaries Australia on Illegal Workers

illegal workers

Emma Mackey writes in the June edition of the Journal of Chartered Secretaries Australia, Keeping Good Companies.  

In this Profesionals Update on Employment Law, Emma reviews the civil and criminal liability for executive officers of companies that employ or refer non-Australian workers without a visa — or with a visa but without appropriate permission to work

Download the article

457 Visa Application Fee to Double

457 visa costs

The application fee for the 457 visa is set to almost double to $900 for each application from 1 July 2013.  

457 Visa Processing Time

457 visa processing time

What is the 457 visa processing time frame?  

This is the most common question we are asked. While DIAC ultimately controls the time frame, the biggest influence on your 457 visa processing time is the quality of the applications lodged. Many applications fail because they do not meet technical requirements. Others fail because further information is not provided to DIAC - when requested - within the requested time frame, resulting in a refusal.

Executive Officers Now Personally Liable For Illegal Workers

Employment of Legal Workers

Civil and criminal liability for executive officers of companies that employ or refer non-Australian workers without a visa – or with a visa but without appropriate permission to work – is incorporated into legislation passed recently by the Parliament of Australia. The new provisions will be proclaimed shortly and come into operation. This development puts human resources policies and procedures in relation to employing non-Australian workers and management of agents and contractors relationships on company secretaries risk-management priority list in 2013.

457 Visa Applications Declined June – November 2012


Figures released recently by the Department of Immigration & Citizenship
show that the number of Subclass 457 visa applications and visas granted in
the period June to November 2012 decreased compared with the figure for
that period from the previous year.

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