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457 Visa Processing Time


457 visa processing time  

What is the 457 visa processing time frame?  

This is the most common question we are asked. While DIAC ultimately controls the time frame, the biggest influence on your 457 visa processing time is the quality of the applications lodged. Many applications fail because they do not meet technical requirements. Others fail because further information is not provided to DIAC - when requested - within the requested time frame, resulting in a refusal.

Getting it right the first time is the best way to avoid the delays, anxiety and cost associated with DIAC having to request further information.

How long will your application take to process?  We have set out in a table our performance over the past year and then quarterly for the current year.  The table is simply our past results.  It is not a service level agreement or indication of your visa processing time, but shows how we have performed historically.

Many people fail to appreciate that the 457 visa process has three distinct stages.  Each requires a separate application and approval.   It is for this reason the three application stages have been set out in the results table.

The stages - in order - are:


Sponsorship is the step in which the employer provides evidence about itself and demonstrates that is it lawfully and actively operating and has a history of training Australian workers.           


The nomination application is the stage at which the nature of the position to be filled by the overseas worker is identified, the proposed candidate is identified and demonstrated to have the skills and experience necessary to perform the work and the employer demonstrates that the candidate would be paid no less favourably than an Australian worker in the same position.             

Visa Application           

The visa application is the third stage in which the candidate is assessed as being suitable to perform the position.  The candidate and any family members are all assessed against health and character requirements.


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